About Us

Web-Hosting4u is a subsidiary of CJM Web Designs, LLC of Livingston, NJ. CJM Web Deisgns, LLC was founded in February of 2000. Our vision is to provide outstanding services and support to our clients. Our focus has been and still is today to create an outstanding web presence for our clients. This is accomplished by being there for our customers.

At Web-Hosting4u we believe in one on one communication with our customers, listening to their needs and providing outstanding service and support to our customer base.

Web-Hosting4u has been providing our customers reliable web hosting solutions for over 15 years. The web hosting industry continues to evolve and we pride ourselves on maintaining up-to-date servers and training in order to remain competitive in a extremely tight market. Our web hosting packages are priced to be competitive without surrendering our customers need for support. Our Customer Portal is monitored 24 hours a day in order to assist you.

Web-Hosting4u has been created with the independent web consumer in mind while maintaining our ability to assist you in every level of web design, web hosting, and domain name registration. We have taken all the services we offered on several different websites and joined them here as one to allow our customers the ability to register domain names, host a website, and if needed, ask us for a quote on building a website.